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    Why Kitchen knives Essential For Our Home

    Because I want to share with you how I discovered the best ceramic kitchen knives and where you can get them for ultra cheap.

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    Everyone knows that stainless and carbon steel blades can vary in quality depending on the type and grade of steel, the forging process, and the craftsmanship. That’s why a cheap metal blade is different than an expensive one. The material is different.


    But when it comes to ceramic kitchen knives they are all the same material! Zirconia / Zirconium, also known as zirconium oxide. So there is little benefit of buying a crazy expensive blade unless you just want to feel cool when you read the “Brand Name” printed on the side. They are all super hard, stain resistant, sharp for life and as light as a feather.


    So the trick is to find a zirconium knife with a good handle that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. And I found exactly that. Feels good in your hand and stays sharp pretty much forever.


    I hope this information has been helpful for you and saved you a lot of money.


    The Steel Knife VsThe Zirconium Knife


    Are you a bit of a kitchen knife nut?

    I certainly am (secretly). My husband might get scared if he knew.

    In the past, I’ve used a Japanese carbon steel 5″ Santoku blade. It was nice, and the Japanese craftsmanship is excellent. But it tended to rust if not cared for continually. And I got tired of taking care of it more than my family.


    Then I switched to Henkel stainless cutlery because of the good name and reputation. I’m not bashing Henkle, but I had to sharpen the edge weekly, just to do the normal cooking (slicing meat, chopping vegetables, etc.) Then I got my ceramic kitchen knife. And I never looked back.


    So here comes the VS part. Zirconium blades are white, black or multicolored Vs Steel blades are a silver color.

    Knives ceramic don’t rust Vs Carbon steel does rust.

    Zirconium Oxide blades rarely get dull Vs Stainless steel blades get duller every slice.


    I’m sure there are a bunch of little details like how they are made. But I don’t want to over geek this post.

    Are Ceramic Kitchen Knives Better?


    This question popped to mind every time I saw one of those white bladed knives “As seen on TV” or in the store. Is it better than my stainless kitchen knife?

    At first, I thought they look like toys! It must be the white color.


    But if you are looking for a new cooking knife, it turns out that “Yes, ceramic cooking knives ARE better.”

    Here is why. Because they are super hard, light, and don’t need sharpening.


    The day I got my ceramic knife in the mail was the day my cooking life got better. I never had to sharpen again! I never got frustrated rubbing a dull blade over tomatoes or getting the first skin off the onion.

    And the weight difference is surprising. I used to think that my Japanese super thick blade was “cool” and the best. But it turns out it was just heavy and clunky, compared to my ceramic knife.


    My new knives are just more versatile and easy to slice with. So there is my answer to the question. Yes, they are better!

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